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Envirocycle Composter Review

Posted by saver on May 16, 2011

EnviroCycle Systems EnviroCycle Composter

envirocycle composter reviewThe EnviroCycle Systems EnviroCycle Composter is specifically designed to help simplify the recycling of kitchen and garden scraps on any home. Not only is it designed to be compact and durable, it is also designed to be user friendly. The drum itself also has a solid lockable lid to prevent access to the compost from anyone and is easily transportable through its easy gripping and rolling handles.

All one has to do is spin the composter a few times a week to ensure that the compost would remain mixed and aerated. Take note that a cycle for finished solid and liquid fertilizer takes about 4 to 6 weeks but if one has the intention of speeding up the process; one can simply turn the drum more often.

In regards to the drum features of the composter, it can safely store and collect up to 5 gallons of liquid fertilizer or compost tea. It also has a drip system in place on its base, making sure that no fertilizer goes to waste. Made out of recyclable plastic the unit is available in either black or green.

Product Features and Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 30 inches

Shipping Weight: 31 poinds

Product Weight: 23 pounds

Holding Capacity: 7 cubic feet or 15/16 of a US gallon or 52 gallons

Compact for easy transportation, sturdy and user-friendly

Made out of recycled plastic

Produces both solid and liquid composts

Suitable for year-round use

Easy to assemble as moulded parts are snapped together

Warranty registration is covered but customer has to register via the EnviroCycle System website

The EnviroCycle Composter Reviews:

The EnviroCycle Composter received very positive ratings on average on all online stores on the internet as well as from people who have purchased the product and used it. The majority of praises received was mostly for its easiness to assemble as well as the capacity that it can hold. A fair of the people whom commented have researched about the product online before purchasing it; therefore, most of them are already knowledgeable about the product itself and knows what it can offer.

One viewer mentioned that she has already filled the product to almost ¾ and was concerned that the door latch will break someday due to the fact that the plastic is thin on the side. One reviewer simply stated out as well that odour is seeping out of the unit whereas the product specifications states out that it is odour-free. However, most of the people whom opted and purchased the product have stated out that it is indeed a solid product and will definitely recommend it.

This composter is easy to assemble, made of recycled plastic, has a good holding capacity, and durable which makes the product a winner in its own category. A great deal of reviewers agree that the EnviroCycle Composter is affordable, easily maintainable and has a good warranty coverage which makes it a great buy for anyone in the lookout for a composter.

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